Friday, January 25, 2013

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Recap: Season 16, Episode 5

Triple D. One of my favorite shows on Food Network. Why? Simple. You enjoy all the perks of going to a restaurant; good food, satisfaction, friends; yet without the calories and the price tag!

Jimmy's Diner- Brooklyn, NY
First, one of the cooks is making some kind of fruit, waffle concoction. With the amount of pancetta and butter in that pot you'd think they were feeding an army. But no, just the nearby college student locals. I must say, though, that apple, pancetta, brown sugar glaze looked smooth and delicious! And trust me you can not get that kind of topping on a Belgian waffle at any of the breakfast places I'm going too, so if anyone knows a place that has that, let me know!

Empanadas- Being from the East Coast, it is not every day you find a diner serving up Mexican food. But hey, what do I know? So basically this empanada should be called an empatodo. Okay so that must have sounded stupid if you didn't know that "nada" means "nothing" in Spanish, and "todo" means "all". Lame joke. Anyway this thing was filled with so much stuffed it's crazy; raisins, olives, and truthfully I missed the rest of the stuff he put in. Oh there was beef in there too. All served atop black beans, eggs, tomatoes, and potatoes. Insane if you ask me, but it looks delicious!

Weeping Radish Farm Brewery- Grandy, NC- 
The owner: great accent. So that baked potato soup: a little too comfort food for me. I'm not a fan of baked potato to begin with, but, bacon in soup: definitely original. Also, the cook put green onions, pepper, and cheese on top. Pretty funny if you ask me but the patrons seem to love it. 

Sweet Potato Liverwurst: Guy didn't even want to try it at first; it got me laughing for sure! But actually I can't blame him. The meat-grinding process was not pretty. In the end, it looks good. But I'm still not convinced Guy wasn't disturbed by some of the things he had seen earlier.

SO: With my first television recap complete, I hope you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was not able to find these recipes online, but I hope it has inspired you to try your own versions of these recipes or be more daring in the kitchen. Feel free to comment or email me! Until next time, happy eating!

Question: What's your favorite program on the Food Network?

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