Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trisha's Southern Kitchen Recap: Season 2, Episode 13

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As you all know, I'm very into watching cooking shows on the Food Network. However, once I get to watching certain shows, I stick to those, so unfortunately there are shows I have not taken the time to watch yet, including:  Trisha's Southern Kitchen. That's why, today, I've decided to watch and blog about it's new episode "Football, Friends, and Good Food."

Sour Cream Cornbread: As they start cooking, I can't help but laugh that they are all fans of different teams. Must make for an enjoyable football watching experience. Woah, I turned around to look at the cornbread and they (Trisha and her friend) were already putting it in the pan. But what's in it is just as it sounds, corn and sour cream, along with a few other ingredients to give it a base. Cool. I guess the block of time they say it takes is really just for baking. You can find the complete recipe on here:

Fancy Chili: I agree, pretty fancy compared to the chili my mom makes. So they start but slicing up some green onions. Then they added the green onions and garlic into a pan, and next added beef to brown. Trisha brings up that people are intimidated about cooking things they see on TV. Makes sense. But these recipes look simple enough to cook up for guests. And these recipes especially would add a great twist to a football watching party (Super Bowl, of course, being a week away). Black beans, carrots, tomatoes, bell pepper all jump into the pot. The pot looks super crazy, but it's definitely making me hungry! For the complete recipe, go here:

Sausage Hors d'Ouerves: (Did I spell that right? Awesome!) Okay wait she put plastic football stick things in them (well in the preview; they aren't cooked yet). So cool! Ooh she has a light blue Kitchen Aid Mixer. That would be awesome for my kitchen, although it definitely would not match. But if you think you'd be interested in it for your own kitchen, this is the one she has on Amazon's website: It's actually so cool the number of colors that the mixer comes in. I want one now. (Wanna see other gadgets I think are cool: But anyway, back to the show. Okay so she mixes together sausage, cheddar cheese, and a baking mix and just rolls them into balls. Pretty simple considering the final product looks like it was probably complicated to cook (except it wasn't). For the recipe, go to:

Charleston Cheese Dip: I will admit, I'm no cheese connoisseur. But in the dip she put in cream cheese, Cheddar cheese, and Monterrey Jack cheese. Okay maybe with these cheeses I could distinguish between them. She adds in a few seasonings and tops it with crushed crackers. But if you feel super guilty eating this dip (I guess that's the case with every cheese dip, huh) you can always dip veggie sticks in it, instead of crackers and chips. But, since it's game day, might as well go big or go home on that food! If interested in this recipe, visit

So before she makes the Green Punch, they start serving up all of the food. I especially like how that chili looks in the bowls that have the handles on one side. That's what I eat my chili in.

Green Punch: Probably more of a soda than a punch (well, if you're like me who thinks of punch as a juice, but maybe I'm wrong). For this recipe, visit

So that wraps up my coverage of this episode of Trisha's Southern Kitchen. Being that this was my first time watching the show, I definitely enjoyed it. Trisha has a great personality and the food looked spectacular. Now I have a new show to watch every Saturday! I can't wait until next week! Subscribe or follow, and follow me on Twitter, to get more of these recaps of Trisha's Southern Kitchen and other Food Network cooking shows.

As the Super Bowl is fast approaching, my question to you is: What are your favorite game day snacks to cook? Share your thoughts below!

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