About Me

Hi to all my visitors!

My name is Rachel. I've been blogging since January 25, 2013, and got into doing so because I was, well, bored. I love sharing my opinions, and I love food, so I figured I could combine the two together and create an awesome blog for everyone that is just as passionate about food as I am to read it. I'm hoping I will get to blogging more than once a week, as long as I have enough time. If you have any suggestions for specific things you would like me to write about, please email me!

Email: blogs.by.rachel@gmail.com
Twitter: @WithAGrainOSalt

Happy Blogging!


  1. Welcome to blogland. I love the idea of updates about cooking shows. Definitely post some recipes, too. ;)

    1. Hi Katrina,
      Thanks so much for the response! I hope to post my first recipe tomorrow!


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