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Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off Recap: Season 2 Episode 3

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So I know this episode premiered last week (1/20/13) but I haven't seen it yet, so I'm watching it and blogging about it to get everyone ready for tonight's new episode as well! Even if you've seen the episode already, be sure to keep reading. It's not just a recap, there's more to it. And for those of you that have not seen this show before, it is definitely a fun one to watch so I would recommend it! There is a new episode on tonight (Sunday) starting at 9 pm on the Food Network (which I'll be blogging about, and live tweeting, as well). Now let's get to it! (spoilers ahead...)

Bright Lights, Big Classics

I love how they have huge trailers. And they're all decked out with furniture and stuff. Nice. Okay so they walk into Mel's Drive-In, and they are going to have to run a restaurant. I have a feeling this is going to get pretty entertaining judging by their scared faces.

There's three people on each team and each person has to remake either the tuna melt, cheeseburger, or club sandwich. I'd definitely go for the club sandwich because it seems to open up to more possibilities. Rachael's team gets excited because since they won last week they get to assign the dishes for Guy's team:

Dish Breakdown:
Guy's Team:
Johnny (team captain): chicken club --> Royale Turkey Club with Avocado Mayo
Dean: tuna melt (laughing... I don't see what's so funny...) --> Dean of the Sea Tuna Melt
Chilli: cheeseburger (worried) --> Da' Chilli Burger (I get it's her name, but there's not even chili on it)

Rachael's Team:
Carnie (my vote as the most entertaining person on this show): tuna melt --> Melt Your Heart Tuna           Melt
Hines: cheeseburger --> Hines' Classic Double Bacon Cheeseburger
Kathy: chicken club (but she's a vegetarian) --> Grilled Cheese Club with Olive Tapenade

Since you've (probably) already seen the episode, I'm not gonna say every little thing that happened, so:

Kitchen Highlights Time:

Guy's Team: I think Johnny could use some help cutting open an avocado. Dean getting angry. Classic watching him bite right into a bunch of some type of herb. He's adding a lot of stuff and says it has no flavors, so we'll see what the judges think. Either practically all of them have cut their fingers or they just like sporting gloves and tape... Okay yeah I feel kind of bad they are all relying on Dean to help them... and think, he almost got out last week. Johnny says "When I'm training, my coach is a professional." Aren't you a professional too Johnny? Poor Chilli, she can't go fast enough. Aww. Wait is adaptability even a word? Too lazy to look it up though. (correction: It is, considering that was the point of the challenge.)

Rachael's Team (just realized I misspelled her name every time so far, now i have to go back and change it. Definitely is because we have the same name... spelled differently.)  : What would this team be without Carnie. She is so fun to watch. The face on Hines when he realizes he is going to use the food processor. I just wanna help him. Turns out he's like in love with it now, ha! Kathy's definitely deviates the most from the original dish but I think the judges will like that (well if it taste's good). Woah Carnie keep the language for home. Carnie has way too many good one-liners. I've decided for tonight's blog, I'm gonna make a separate section and write them down. Too funny! Sorry Rachael's team, but I think Guy's wins with the front-of-the-house part. Hines calling Carnie a loose cannon, okay I get it. Carnie singing in the kitchen. If I were in the kitchen I'd be doing the same thing though. Hines' burns himself every time he takes the burger off, pro.

Just realized both people that did the club sandwiches were the front-of-the-house people. Hmm maybe they didn't want to assemble them. Haha! Kidding.

Opinion Time (by the judges):

Guy's Team: Dean's could use more cheese. Johnny's needed to be toasted more. Wanted Chilli's burger to stand out more and be special.

Rachael's Team: No complaints for Carnie's: good bread and great tuna. Liked Hines  bacon in the burger and his sauce. So far no complains for her entire team. I'm smelling a winning team! Liked tapenade and avocado in Kathy's club but too much bread compared to ingredients inside.

Winner: Team Rachael (called it!). (Carnie and Hines with the winning dishes)
Bottom dishes: Dean's tuna and Chilli's burger. Aww I don't want either to go. Just realized there isn't anyone on either team that I want to go home.

Losers' challenge: 5 minute milkshake. That's too little time to think up something original. Dean makes an orange creamsicle and Chilli makes a cookie chocolate peanut butter milkshake. I'll go for Chilli's. I'm definitely confused why Dean garnishes his milkshake with a "Grown-up" twinkie. That's hysterical.
Neither was criticized by Rachael or Guy, but if I had to guess, the chocolate milkshake (Chilli) is going home. And the loser who is going home is: Chilli (2 for 2 this episode! Although, I'm really sad Chilli is leaving. I love her!!!!)

So that's it for coverage of this episode of Rachael vs. Guy. I hope you enjoyed what I've written. To learn more about the show, go to I'll be back blogging tonight, and maybe another blog in between. Be sure to check back in.

Who's your favorite celebrity on the show? Share your thoughts below!

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